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prague two days

We arrived to Prague by compilation –  bus Krk – Cieszyn + train Cieszyn – Prague. On place accommodation from Groupon – Hotel with breakfast.

We remember Prague as great place and we can’t wait to come back. But this time on summer, or at least spring.

What to see in Prague?

Quick summary: Cracow, Main Station – Polish Cieszyn – Czech Cieszyn – Prague,  Main Station – together in Prague almost 3 days and 2 nights. What characterise Prague? Great sights, yummy knedliczki (kind of dumplings) with goulashtrdelnikBudweiser and smiling Czechs (maybe because of part legal weed, maybe that’s just their mentality).

Prague Astronomical Clock

Check-in in hotel and we are going discover Prague. Our hotel was quite close to the city centre so we were walking everywhere. At first we went to main square, where we’ve seen famous Orloj Clock Týn Church and great colourful buildings.

I need to add that, in this time when we’ve been in Prague there was very cold outside… but we didn’t give up. We did many short breaks for tea with ginger, honey and lemon ( our favourite and very healthy, more about you can find here). 

 Next place where we went to was Charles Bridge. More than 500 meters long and almost 10 wide, is one of the most famous things in Prague. It connects two districts – Mala Strana and Old City. When you walk down the bridge you can see wonderful statues. One is the most besieged by tourists, the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. According to the legend, when you touch this statue you will have a luck. There is no way to miss it, because there is a lot of tourist around, who want to try get a luck. 

prague charles bridge

On one side of the Bridge there is a Bridge Tower. To get on top you have to struggle with 138 twisted steps, but we recommend to overcome them to see wonderful panorama of Charles Bridge and Old Town.

After so intensive sightseeing it’s time for dinner break. On the table nothing else but yummy Knedliczki with Goulash! For a drink, cold Czech beer and we got energy for further sightseeing. On dessert – Trdelnik, sweet, Czech treat.

After dinner we went to Kampa. This is the small island between two rivers Vltava and Certova, where you can find restaurants, hotels, houses, playground and also controversial Babies of David Cerny. During summer time a lot of concerts and events take place here. From Island we can see great panorama of Charles Bridge, which three pillars are standing on the island.

We ended our first day of sightseeing in local pub where we relaxed with cold Budweiser in hand :)

prague old town

Weekend in Prague

Wake up, breakfast and go. Second day is mainly Prague Castle and Wenceslas Square.

Wenceslas Square, popular place of meetings, full of shops and restaurants. In the middle of the square there is the statue of St Wenceslas. When we go along the square, at the end we can find National Museum

prague castle

Prague Castle, in the past place of Kings now Czech President’s office. Whole complex makes great impression, even if you miss fee-entry places. The only paid attraction we’ve seen was tower on Basilicas of St. Vitus. From the top you can see panorama of Prague. Whole Basilica inside makes wonderful impression. Full of stained glass and decorating.

What else? 

The places you need to see are: three courtyards, and there: Old Royal Palace, Basilica of St. George, Golden Lane, Belvedere of Royal Summer Palace, Holy Cross Chapel, All Saints Church, Dalibor Tower, and go back down by big Castle Steps.

 I need to tell that you, that we went to Prague without any plan. I mean knowledge about what to see, where to go, what is paid, what not. But one thing is sure, we will be back here better prepared next time :)

After coming back from the hill, with the same way we went to the Main Square and from there to our hotel. In the evening, of course we tried next, great Czech beer in the nearest pub.

Third day in the morning we went to airport and from there straight way to Amsterdam :)

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