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When I was planing my first time on this amazing and incredible festival I was looking for information like: what, where, when is happening and it was hard to get any, which could be useful. That’s way I decided to create this post where you will find all information about DreamVille which you must know.

DreamVille - Prices

Tomorrowland is not the cheapest festival but it is affordable for people who already save for entrance and flight tickets.

On DreamVille same as on Festival we pay only with Pearls. Token which you buy on special places and than use for purchase. Last year one Pearl cost around €1.5. The only one place where you pay with credit card is Lidl which I will talk about later. There is no cash payment at all!

If we talk about prices I need to say about food, drinks and all other stuff you will find here. And trust me you can easy spent here all your savings.

DreamVille is divided on few parts, but what connect all of them is a Marketplace in the middle. You will find here Lidl, bakery, coffee shop, hairdresser and of course shop with souvenirs. We were very surprise when we saw the Lidl for the first time and that the prices are same as in other stores you know. What that means? Well it’s cheap and you can find there all you need for this crazy weekend. Fresh bread, BBQ meat, cosmetics and even small tent or sleeping bag. Have a look on pictures below where I show some of the prices.

If we talk about prices you probably like to know how much cost the hot food. So that’s positive news, prices are really affordable. Most of meals are around 6 pearls, and the choice is huuuuge. Even if it’s thousands of people here food is still tasty and good quality.

DreamVille - Showers & Toilets

I was incredibly surprise how good they organise all toilets and shower section. Toilets were cabins but nice and clean. There was special place for cleaning hands and separate for brush teeth. There is a great building with showers, which I can compare to some you will find on gym or swimming pool. Place was divided by men and female and both had a section with mirror, where you could do make up or hair. Plugs were limited so it’s good to have own extension lead if you want to use hairdryer and straightener at same time. It cost 2.5 Pearls on peak time and 1 Pearl off peak. So check the shower times shown on the spot.

DreamVille - Tents

There was few fields where we could leave our tents and make a little base for the weekend. We choose the one which was the closest to the gate but there were some close to shower, close to stores or close to some other facilities. You need to remember that way from last field to the gate can take even 15 minutes plus another 15 to get on Festival. You can bring any size of tent and to be honest if bigger than better for you. The best way is if you can come by car, than you can bring literally all home 😀

DreamVille - Shops and Marketplace

As I mentioned before DreamVille is real great organise and you can find here shops, bakery, hairdresser, Lidl, and many, many food stands. No worries there is a beer as well 😀

The only one thing which you can’t buy here is alcohol, but there is a Carrefour just 20 min walk from the DreamVille. You can buy there whatever you want in much better prices. The only rule is  – no glass is allowed to bring on the camp.

DreamVille - What can I bring?

As you already noticed there is almost no limit and you can bring all you need. I wish I had this knowledge when I went there last year. We had one backpack and tiny tent. When people had huge tents, table, chairs and camp beds.

You cannot bring anything in glass, so if you have any alcohol, buy a bottle of water, drink it, and use the plastic bottle for your liqueur. You can bring beers in cans.

Of course do not leave empty bottles on someones window!!

DreamVille - Power

There is no plugs which you can use for charge your devices, except these in shower area. But trust me everyone will lynch you, if you will use it to charge phone as it’s only few of them. Don’t worry organiser think about us and found better way. There is unlimited access to power banks which you can rent and than change for new one when your is flat out.  If you want to keep one as a souvenir you just take it, if you don’t want it, give it back and they will return your money. The best way is to have one for each person, because you will record plenty of videos during this weekend, and you need your phone to be all the time full.

That’s the most important things which you might like to know before going to DreamVille. If you have any questions please leave the comment below or contact by any social media. I would love to help.

Live Today,
Love Tomorrow,
Unite Forever,

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